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2013 PONY Bat Changes



The BBCOR decertification process has been implemented on the following bat(s):

Reebok Vector TLS 32-inch model, Reebok Vector TLS 33-inch model, Marucci CAT5 33-inch model, Marucci CAT5 34-inch model, Marucci Black 33-inch model, Marucci Black 34-inch model Nike – CX2-BT0636 (light grey), Nike – CX2-BTO573 (dark grey), Nike – CX2-BTO598 (blue)
The BPF decertification process has been implemented on the following bat(s):
Louisville Slugger (Hillerich & Bradsby) TPX Dynasty - 12 bat (Model - YB12D - black/red/grey)
Mattingly Balistk (Model: BTKYB) Blue
These bats should be considered a non-compliant bat in accordance with
PONY Rule: 8-C (3) and subject to PONY Rule 18-E (6).

They are ILLEGAL!

Effective 1 January, 2012:

  • All Minus Three (- 3) Bats MUST BE BBCOR certified. Maximum BBCOR is .50
  • All BBCOR approved bats shall be labeled with a BBCOR certification mark
  • No bat shall be larger than 2 and 5/8th in Diameter at the barrel in any PONY Division (Shetland thru Palomino)
  • Bats other than Minus Three (- 3) are allowed. These bats are NOT required to be BBCOR certified
  • All 2 ¼ inch diameter bats MUST have a BPF of 1.15 or less and MUST be stamped “Approved for play in PONY Baseball” as well as “BPF 1.15” and the year manufactured

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